Madigan ★★★★½

When all gestures go to waste. Pure action that always exists at the moment. The city as a tough playground ready to doom and compromises everyone. Probably Siegel’s purest film and the one that better uses his compassion for outsiders probably because all ita types are establishment figures. In Madigan everybody loses, but class dictates if your loss will be concrete or moral. It is a very practical cop movie about work, be it Widmark and Guardino grunt like pursue of Inhat’s killer or all the bureaucracy that Fonda’s commissioner have to deal. Every time I see this I’m again impressed by how Siegel’s moves between two very different forms of being and representation. Theme is always a matter of action even in Fonda’s more reactive segments. The script can be a bit inelegant especially when Susan Clark and Inger Stevens call Fonda’s commissioner on his bullshit, but Siegel always finds a way to move things back to an action/reaction driven world. This time what register strongest was Guardino’s reaction when he finally notices that he missed his partner getting shot. One of the greatest American action films.

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