Magnum Force ★★★

Magnum Force is less a sequel than a term paper about Dirty Harry that remains fascinating by how it just refuses to exists as a fiction feature. The first 90 minutes in particular are a long discussion about the character, its methods and how to approach urban violence that gets interrupted for occasional 5-minute action interludes. It is a rather incoherent text (predictably given how many multiple authors with different agendas it has) and it can be rather facile in how it opposes Harry with an anonymous fascist death squad. Director Ted Post is way over his head, he can straightforward fine, but under this circumstances he moves along between workman like and bouts of laughable heavy hand. He is under his best when just play around with police fetish. Eastwood performance ends up having to do most of the heavy lifting to keep it together. The whole mess remains memorable if barely functional.