My Golden Days ★★★½

I can’t decide whether this is really very good or I’m just reacting to nostalgia, less for the time depicted than to Desplechin own place in 90’s cinema and how his aesthetics reflect both a post nouvelle vague/post cold war generation looking for its on poetical vision (so yes I was around 18 when I saw Comment je me suis dispute and it left a big mark on me). He seems very aware of this effect given that the Russian section seems to be there almost so the film could also suggest La Sentinelle. It should be mention that this is less a plot prequel to Comment (things just don’t add up perfectly) than an aesthetic one, sort of a return to an old established well; so the film images do match Amalric arc throughout the film: it is Desplechin himself dealing with his own ghost in a moment in which he is clearly having some hard time moving from wunderkind to middle aged master. It moves me a lot, but I have no idea how it affect those from whom his early work don’t quite have the same meaning.