Not My Type

Not My Type ★★★★

Belgium auteur Lucas Belvaux has worked hard the past couple of decades into honor a place as sort of mid-talent Chabrol with a series of well observed minor key thrillers (plus his more ambitious and Cannes honored trilogy of interlocked tales from 2002). That seems to have prapare him very well to this romantic drama about class and the power dynamics in a relationship easily the best thing by him I've seen as well as one of the finest French films of recent years. It predictably disappeared from a film festival circuit whose programmers and critics who enable them have no idea what to do with a film about the doomed relationship between a comitophobe philosphy professor and a hairdresser even if it happens to star Rosetta herself. Staged with deft care about the many ways two people can walk around each other how one can or not have the upper hand in a relationship. It is all very French, a film about power and class filtered through taste if one very wise about those things and ther limitations. Emile Duquenne and Loic Corbery are both immense and work with Belvaux so their relationship remains rather anchored and credible while allowing the film to remain ambigous about it. Only misstep is a final manologue in which a supporting character underline some of the film's points too much. Great karaoke scene as well.

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