Old ★★★½

Pretty great when it is a movie about how movie apparatus work and the way to explore it as avenue for horror. Shyamalan as usual shoots everything for all its worth. That beach as privilege stage for rendering the idea of movies as lifetime. The timing it has to play with antecipation of horror and how it connects here with aging is very effective. More gruessome than I was expecting and very affecting when it comes to parenthood. There's also a surprising amount of tenderness involved. Not a judgement but an observation: it is curious to watch this and the Eastwood the same day and observe how different they see the idea of family and community and how more conservative MNS is on the subject. As usual with Shyamalan the limitation remains the same: he is a great filmmaker and a mediocre writer and that wouldn't be a problem, if only he didn't think he is very good at the later too, and that makes hard to ignore the worst bits. He can be an incredible imaginative guy when it comes to get lost on the woerlds he sets ups, but his obsession with his strings can often cut that short. It happens a lot here as it at times with Glass. Everything next day is terrible (to be clear, I'm not complaining about the anti pharmaceutical industry angle which has been overstated), just a series of bad choices that realy deflates the movie and dilutes a lot of the effect. Yet, everything on the beach manages to be thrilling, moving and weird in ways that reaffirm how great a voice he has and I'd rather focus on that.

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