Outrage ★★★½

Takeshi Kitano’s first Outrage film plays like a reaction to all the complains among western cinephiles/critics/programmers about his recent work. As meta films goes this could not be a simpler case of beware of what you want: Kitano returns to his gangster film roots but empty it out of all the poetic tics that made films like Sonatine or Hana Bi popular in the festival circuit in the first place. There is no meaning here, just mayhem. Essentially a remake of Mario Bava’s Bay of Blood with a bunch of greedy Yakuzas dispatching each other in more and more creative bloody ways. The only way Kitano could drive the point home more is if he had called it “Yakuza Slasher”. Kitano ingenuity never falters, but the film also never complete leaves its straight jacketed conception.

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