Point Break

Point Break ★★★★½

Point Break has some of the most clean action of any Hollywood film of the past 25 years. That is key because everything this film does buils from that: the mix of the ludicrous of the plot and Bodhi's surfer philosophing, all those clashing acting styles (Busey, Swayze, Petti, LeGros, Keanu, nobody here seems to be acting in the some movie but somehow they all work together), the way the center of the script moves from the homorotic bonding bullshit to that beautiful final image of Johnny and Bodhi falling together one and the same waiting to see who brinks and pushes the parachute first (and it is not accident that the ultimate piece of action here is a safety matter instead of a destructive one). All that clean framing is in the service of harmonizing elements that don't belong because the film is ultimately about reaching that calm in front of the storm, the one better presented not by either of the two hotshot leads but by Busey (he who only 13 years earlier played a character named Masochist in the greatest of all surfer films Milius' Big Wednesday) just going through motions, recognizing what is happening, knowing that sooner or later his culprit is bound to comit a mistake. Point Break for all the ludicrous, all the loud and cartoony elements is about this wait this careful harmonizing towards a calm.

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