Psycho II

Psycho II ★★★½

It is a shame that Franklin and Holland lose control of things on the third act when action gets closer to self-aware pastiche. It is worth pointing out that Franklin directed Road Games and Holland wrote Scream for Help which are probably along with Cohen's Special Effects the best straightforward Hitchcock appropriations from this era. Very empathic towards Norman and serious about mental ilness. It has an unlike structure when the drama ask the audience to invest on Norman sanity while every genre thrill is dependent on him going nuts. It can't adequate solve this problem (hence the third act weaknesses), but it is very troubling about our complicit and bloodlust. It is one of the few thoughtful 80s movies about nostalgia as well. The fetishist recreation of the Bates house is very well employed by Franklin. Both Perkins and Tilly are great here. Finally, it is hard not to notice that it is pretty much about a rehabilitated serial killer getting gaslighted by two women, one of which is related to one of his victims. It would result in so many think pieces if it come out today.

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