Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★½

Film reality is a series of facsimiles. Anderson’s job is just to rearrange the chairs in every new set piece. While Retribution just pops with the power of movie artifice, Final Chapter retreads, the design goes back to the post-apocalyptic principle of the series, the traps instead of suggest movie slight of hand are raw and violent. Probably the most Carpenter entry since the first one. As usual, Anderson finds a series of new designs around familiar territories. The series never get enough praise on how much It manages to spin new scenarios out of similar material, this is 6th one, and all of them, good and bad, have distinct personalities. Here we get an open-air first act that plays up the remains of the civilization factor, while the back half centers into a return to the first film only all the sets are pure decay by now. The idea is civilazation reset before a ray of hope (the title The Final Chapter, after all) and Anderson’s visuals mostly are construct around this idea of desperation and decay. The cutting is intensified, less worried in making the 3D counts. This is only limited some by the needs of franchising construction, it has to deliver closure to something whose storytelling always existed much more in the moment (my other misgiving is that cheating of giving any actual staged resolution to Retribution cliffhanger, might’ve been a budget necessity, but makes the film feel like a weird reset at times.

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