Roadgames ★★★★

It’s Rear Window in the outback with Stacy Keach as a truck driver who is either matching wits with a serial killer or made up one out of boredom. Smart, nasty B movie histrionics direct with terse energy by Richard Franklin. Jamie Lee Curtis presence gives up that much more than Halloween or some of Cohen or De Palma’s experiments this is Hitchcock updated to the slasher era. It makes great use of its minimalism – a good half of the move is little more than Keach talking solo with his dingo – the film just seem to get a kick of just substracting elements which pays off especially well in the claustrophobic ending.The openness of the road, the beautiful desolation of the Australian scenery, everything adds up to a inverse vision of the road film: boredom slashed by outbursts of danger. The film is helped immensely by Stacy Keach’s performance which essays one of the better portraits of male impotence on film. Franklin control of space is first rate and he gets a lot humor out of Keach imagination making him sound like he is more dangerous than the actual killer which fits nicely with the film’s overall perverse perspective.

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