Run, Man, Run

Run, Man, Run ★★★★

Run, Man, Run is the only sequel in the gringo cycle so it is the only film that takes place after radicalization is complete, so Sollima interests lies elsewhere on iconography and mythmaking. The picarsque plot, a treasure hunt for the revolution, and the the White dude, well played by Donald O'Brien, are beside the point, what matters is Cochillo himself and he remains one of late 60s political filmmaking greatest creations. A suvivor instead of a fighter, a knife-throwing escape artist, by far the unlikeliest of western heroes played by Millian as pure resilient hustle. All Sollima efforts lies toward positioning Cuchillo as this image of third world insurgence, always in a jam, always ready to survive another day, impossible to keep down, less heroic than a resistent, a man of eternal struggle.

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