Scream 4

Scream 4 ★★½

So 5 years later this still doesn’t play particularly well, but I’m much less annoyed by the old man screaming at the clouds aspect of it this time around, probably because watching the whole series in a day makes me remember how much the first film was already an old man movie about teenagers (that doesn’t excuse how little feel for teenage life Williamson script has). What most limits it is how little punch Craven’s direction actually has, as very little stands out. He always had a tendency to get lazy in his “for them” movies and even more than part 2, one can feel how much this is just marking time (maybe it was Craven’s distaste at having to work with Wensteins again after the Cursed debacle). The film works best as a commentary on the same nostalgia that help getting it made in the first place and the ways it often tried to play against it (for instance it limits the amount of time the original cast has together to the minimum necessary to move the plot along). I must say I don’t get the need to mock the film’s attempt at sounding up to date as that play as obvious a joke as how fast it butchers through TV starlets in the opening. The misanthropy that is central to the series has a strong cynicism component and this late “unnecessary” entry pretty much pushes it to the breaking point.

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