Stagecoach ★★

The kind of remake that give every remake a bad name. It is near 20 minutes longer than Ford's and most use that to make every point on Nichols original script even more labored while failing to connect with any of the characters. There's some solid work by the vets on the margins (Heflin, Pickens, Wynn), but everyone inside the stagecoach is either trying too hard (Margret, Crosby, Cummings) or is too undistiguished (Connors, Powers, Cord) and of course, Red Buttons plays Red Buttons. Gordon Douglas directs drowning the movie on pretty scenary and struggling to animate the heavier talky passages (Margret/Cord relationship particularly suffers), he does contribute some solid workman like action, the final shooutout is pretty good, although the big chase goes for too long.

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