Summer of Sam ★★★★

Spike Lee caps off a decade of mainstream US media falling in love with serial killers by remaking M as a sociological study on New York tribalism. It is actually far more coherent than most of his movies as the parts are easier integrated with each other (save from the scenes with the killer by himself which are awful). And then there's John Leguizamo performance, a wonderful sendoff of wounded conservative machismo which holds the film meaning together and manages to be exploratory and inventive even if one kinda recognize his type from his first scene, a great exercise on blending self-loathing and empathy, very possible the best in a Lee movie.

Another two 2020 observations:
a) This is a very chilling film to watch right now.
b) It is a Touchstone film so we are probably never watching it in a proper manner ever again.

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