Tenet ★★½

For a mechanical cinema to replace a poetical one. All engineering rendered through some physical spectacle that like Dunkirk is impressive for its size and dedication if not always its execution. Washington and Pattinson are very good. The supposed emotional stakes inexistent despite Debicki best efforts, but it wouldn't be a Nolan film otherwise. The Washington/Pattinson banter the close it comes to have a human stake, but what really matters is how the pressure of time is applied to keep the world going as it always have. When you are doing this kind of huge pressure of time movie it is probably good to believe on some metaphysics, but Nolan has none the same way his movies have no blood, no flesh, no life, just the precision of the clockwork stoytelling engineer. Tenet is almost certainly the most Christopher Nolan movie. The man's worldview is complete evil which also why he is one of the key filmmakers of our time.

In a separate note, is casting Denzel Washington's son as the lead on reverse Deja Vu the closest Nolan has come to being playful? Maybe there's humanity to be redeemed there after all.

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