The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★½

There’s something great in the interplay here of the overall hard concept (the setting, the use of kids, Dafoe’s casting among the unknowns, the over determined narrative, the high amount of kitsch-like capital detritus consumed throughout the film) and the lively bits of business that Baker’s rendered in a scene by scene basis. So everything in the film was clearly thought over before the camera rolls (including most of what gets praised in reviews) yet nothing feels over written over ther images (maybe the final scene), there still plenty of room to breathe because Baker’s feel towards behavior and immersive eye still operates in a way that enlightens those early ideas instead of just burying them as high concept. Just think how warm Dafoe’s performance is enriched by he often comes off as an exasperated authority in an old cartoon without that never undermining his position as the stern but kind face of capitalism (the good neoliberal, if one wants). Or that amusing scene with the Brazilian couple which I’m sure will bring a huge laugh of recognition to near every Brazilian in the audience.

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