The Fly

The Fly ★★★★½

David Cronenberg's Frankenstein in which the mad doctor and the monster are fused into one being and made so terrifying easy to relate too. Also thanks to Goldblum and Davis somehow one of the better romantic films from the 80s. The movie success is tied to how human Brundlefly is and I think that is rooted in how stilted and awkward their early courtship is, not movie attraction, but messy and tentative, it haunts everything that happens afterwards. Walas special effects remain some of the best ever made pretty much due to its physicality that again help ground the emotions on screen, Brundlefly might appear increasing inhuman, but both leading actors, Cronenberg and th effects crew work hard to keep him like a disturbing reflective mirror. It makes some sense that The Fly weakest scenes are the ones immediate after Goldblum start feeling the effects of the transformation, they are the one part of the movie that don't feel immediate, a necessary backstep that allows the audience some distance, for a minute one is just watching a genre movie go through its paces, but the the grind is back even harder.

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