The Little Things

The Little Things ★★½

This was originaly written in the 90s and it shows, very much a reaction to the glut of serial killer films that come out after Silence of the Lambs. Very sturdy, very conservative, all about the posychological toll of dealing with hacked bodies on lawmen. Neither really a whodunit, nor a character study, the in between state probably doesn't make it any favors. As a movie on rules and the ways they are allowed or not to be bend over (and for whom), there's something here. Washington and Malek are both fine even if they make for an odd pairing (underplaying and overplaying everything). Leto late arrival does brings the movie to halt, very much a psycho performance, as theatrical as one would expect of him, it might work in a different film, but Hancock 3rd tier Eastwood direction asks for something else (the man nearly direct this at a point and he is a more useful reference point than the often mentioned Zodiac) as this is both banking too much at grey notions of violence and psycholopgical toll of it, so getting Kevin Spacey on Seven dropping by just takes the movie off, colors everything around it. There's still something in the way it accumalate detail and the sadness around it that does lift it above most mainstream American offerings.

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