Three Floors

Three Floors ★★★½

In some ways it is a self-conscious reversal of The Son's Room. It is about Italian family as this suffocating thing, only it observes it from a removed distance as it reffuses to come to a fixed position. People simple follow roles set up for them in often chilling ways. The movie humanism as embracing as it terrifying. It is uneven for sure, some of situations feel a bit sketched, some of the ironies to easy, I assume the novel this is based unless it has wonderful writing isn't very good, but I can understand why it spoke deeply to Moretti. At its very best the movie does access some strong places about family commitiment and how that plays against large society. The plotting piles up ludicrous excessive situations, but Moretti's direction drains them. It is melodrama done with artificial amount of restrain, but somehow quite mad.

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