Upgrade ★★★

Well imagined, undercutting some of the weaker cyberpunk trappings with a sense of humor and a very good physical performance by Greene. Whannel also turns out to be a surprising adapted director of low budget action and the back and forth between Greene and the computer never grows stale. The plot couldn't be more rote if it was trying for generic harder, but that is almost beside the point (and for all the limits of the third act mechanics, the abrupt ending is very moralistic short story sci-fi, I do apprecite it makes the story closed-loop insularity a virtue). It is very much a throwback for the late 80s/early 90s cyberpunk deject B grade action days (as Matt Lynch points out the production design copycats a lot of Freejack which might be the king of the genre). Whannel is very good at suggesting a decaying near future out of relative few elements and the way the film links that world and Green's rotten corpse is good.

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