Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ★★

This has a serious mismatch in that it is aiming far a certain synthetic cheesiness while remaining overstuffed and glacially paced so the surface and the storytelling are at odds. Jenkins seems to be hoping for something closer to the Raimi Spidermans but the bloat just kills any chance of it. I must say the discourse hatred feels like overcorrection for the overrated mediocre first one. This one is weaker but not significant so, Diana sometimes seems lost in her own movie and the chemistry between Galdot and Pine that helped the first one suffers from the machinations to bring him back and far too much bad time comedy. the action is awful but that was true of the original as well, Jenkins direction actually is aiming at something instead of anonymous corporate product even if I don'tthink it hits much. As some observed this one is a especially conservative monkey's paw story, but it is not like the genre isn't so most of the time anyway (that said the middle east politics are a particular bad 80s side trip). Wonder Woman 1984 feels a good case study of the awfulness that TV storytelling can bring to movies, the script seems like someone setup the beats of 8 episode streaming show and then force packed it into 150 minutes, the pace is glacial and it is structured in such an off manner with some parts of the material taking on forever while others rushed by and multiple side plots that would made more sense as their movies inside the movie. I must say Pedro Pascal is great near salvages the mess by himself. One of the best performances in one of those things, I wish everything else was actualy pitched at his level of madness.

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