X-Men: Apocalypse ★★★

Like all Singer X-Men films, this has so many moving parts and geek allusions it can’t help feel disjointed. Sometimes this is for the worse particularly when matters of star power seem to get in on the way of narrative and some of the beats (particularly Magneto’s) are rather tired by this point. There is also a genuine pleasure at those movies mostly absent from something like Civil War and Singer formal ideas often match the material more out there qualities (and as usual he has a knack for findinf fine images that stick that similar Franchise carebuilders can't even began to imagine) . He even manage to make something out of Apocalypse, by far the worst big villain the X-Men had (and the X-Men had a major villain whose whole point was that he had some secret long term plan the writers never bother to actually thought through). In a complete separate note, as a comic book fan, I actually enjoy that by this point the X-Men movies have continuity as confusing as X-Men comics do. Indeed, the confused continuity is the film's whole point, caught as everyone is in a constant loop of false starts, history faded to repeat itself, the impossibility of escaping those same beats over and over, unlike most similar films this is honest, even sometimes touching about these limitations, as if Singer himself was fully aware he can’t escape the franchise either.

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