• Bradley Watts


    A true spectacle.

     I’d like write a proper review for this film soon.

  • Coty DiSalle

    Audacious. Cool. Bad.

  • Braxton


    As far as Sci-Fi goes, this film is the birth and peak of what the genre was meant to be. Every shot is taken with plenty of precision and dedication to the point where the movie feels too advanced for its time. Released in 1968, Kubrick set a high standard for filmmaking and cinematography with this classical masterpiece. Every scene and line of dialogue is built up in a way to make you feel as though you are first hand…

  • Christopher Charpentier


    Human evolution is pretty poggers ngl

  • Gabriel Melo


    Mal posso esperar pra chegar em 2001!!!

  • Gordon Guz


    A Space Odyssey unlike any other, 2001: A Space Odyssey cemented Kubrick’s name as a legendary director, this film is so ahead of its time!

    Not just the story but the visuals, the world, the art of this film, so ahead of its time.

    It’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, what else is there to say but that it is a classic masterpiece?

  • darians


    So beautiful, gnarly visuals (especially for the 60s). Loses points for being horrifically boring and confusing (with too many blue eyes)

  • slambamwam


    Watching this on film at the Cinerama Dome was quite possibly the best viewing experience of any movie I've ever seen. The genre's it explores are all executed on exceptionally well. The monolith moon sequence is one of the best scenes of cosmic horror in movies, Hal's final scene where he (it?) is either experiencing a painful moment of humanity or feigning fear in a last ditch attempt at self preservation to complete the established mission is an incredible use…

  • Ole Becker


    Reading the book before seeing the movie should be mandatory in this case.

  • Jonathan Paula


    Equal parts tiresome and remarkable.

    This Stanley Kurbrick sci-fi drama was released in April of 1968, and despite initial mixed reviews, went on to gross over five times its $10-million budget. Paving the way for nearly every sci-fi film in the latter half of the 20th-centry, "2001" truly does go where no film had gone before.

    Produced during the space race of the 1960s, this film showcases a decently realistic and fascinating portrayal of an, at-the-time, distant future. Months into…

  • GreenLeafPro

    I liked the special effects. There’s your one star.

  • constancagsousa


    mind-blowing film that influenced pop culture forever and is truly deserving of its high praise