A Haunting at Silver Falls: The Return A Haunting at Silver Falls: The Return

The Dead Never Die

Several years after a deadly struggle with her serial killer aunt, Jordan works to escape her troubled history. But when her aunt's revenge-seeking specter surfaces to join forces with a deranged convict, Jordan must return to the haunted town of Silver Falls for a final showdown with the ghosts of her past

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Horror 2019 List

Troy L

Troy L 206 films

*Universal studios pulls the movie "The Hunt."

The more Horror films the better. 🎃

  • Parasite
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  • Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé
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  • The Fanatic
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  • Slaughterhouse Rulez
  • One Cut of the Dead

31 Days of Halloween 2019

David Gifford

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Hello again, Deadite Dave here. 2019 has been a pretty busy year, but not busy enough to keep me from…