A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery

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In the end, history will judge who was right and true.

Andres Bonifacio y de Castro is considered to be one of the most influential proponents in the struggle against Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines during the late nineteenth century. Bonifacio’s widow is searching for her husband’s missing dead body; as she and her followers stumble deeper into the jungle, they become entangled in the dense thicket of their own guilt and responsibility. The Spanish governor tries to play off the various rebel factions and their utopian visions against each other. At the same time, a badly wounded companion of Bonifacio reflects upon the victims a revolution inevitably creates. Mythology, facts and a vibrant sense of history merge.


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Berceuse sur un air de mystère, Canción de cuna para el misterio trágico, Kołysanka do bolesnej tajemnicy, 悲伤秘密的摇篮曲