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  • kendall


    comes off a bit pretentious, but the crux of the story is cute

  • olivia


    woody allen aside - I honestly liked this. it was odd but selena gomez and timothy chalamet <3

  • D Jacqu


  • Maria


    I’ve got complaints

  • mairéad ☃️

    This is like an awful adaptation of Catcher in the Rye (with an addition of a subpar plot & a bunch of unlikable characters)
    He’s nihilistic, calls people phony, is rich, attended a prestigious school, has a whole thingy with a prostitute where he doesn’t actually do anything sexual. 
    Bad! But, pretty music and I’m gonna reread catcher for the 50th time! Woo

  • Monáe Holmes


    I actually love this movie… I know Woody Allen is terrible. That aside, it’s good, very flawed but it has a lot of potential. Some critiques I have are the inclusion of Ted as a character being unnecessary, the lack of romantic themed scenes between Gatsby and Chan makes the ending feel disconjointed , the hooker plot line is…unnecessary  and the constant quips from Chan after a while seem a bit forced. I think with some editing and story changes it could have been amazing film. It’s Surprisingly funny and has great performances from Chalamet, Fanning and Gomez.

  • Parwaiz Dhanani


    SELENA was made for rom coms…but this just wasn’t the right script for her. Cute movie…but just wasn’t hitting how I wanted it to. Watched this movie only for Selena and that was the only good part of the movie.

  • notmoviesnob


    Its redeeming quality is that Timothee Chalamet is fun to look at.

  • mo


    one star for the elle fanning wine monologue and a second star to make me feel better about watching this movie

  • Mafi✩


    this movie has such cozy vibes for the fall <3 the jazz, the colors, the rain, timothée chalamet, just... chef's kiss

  • branbini


    a rainy day in hell for the likes of woody allen

  • sootysprite


    woody allen is a pretentious douche bag and i hate the way he writes dialogue. this movie feels like it’s trying way too hard to be something it’s not. the like film noir style dialogue mixed with the regular ass setting is off putting and doesn’t really work imo. i wish they spent more than two minutes establishing any other character besides timothee chalamet‘s, there are so many interesting women that would have been far more entertaining. i am truly…