A Very Curious Girl

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The story of the town amateur who lost her standing...among other things.

Marie is a young woman who lives in sheer poverty in the fictional village and commune of Tellier (an allusion to La Maison Tellier) with her mother, a woman of obscure origins suspected to be a Romanichel sorcerer, and her pet buck. Marie and her mother are despised by the locals although Marie is also a sexual object for them, including her lesbian boss Irène. One day, when her mother dies after a hit-and-run accident and the locals do not even care to bury her, Marie decides that things have to change and starts to charge people who have sex with her. Eventually, she plans to take revenge on those people who take advantage of her.




Alternative Titles

Frække Marie, Byslinkan, Alla bella Serafina piaceva far l'amore sera e mattina, A kalóz menyasszonya, Narzeczona pirata, A Noiva do Pirata, Невеста пирата, Dirty Mary, No culpes a María, Moneten für's Kätzchen, The Pirate's Fiancée