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  • SaulyWauly


    Kate Moss being thrown into a river The Movie

    Made me laugh and a surprisingly great cast. Fair decent movie

  • liamhanlon


    As much as I love Ab Fab, this is a mess. Has a decent premise and then just throws it so flippantly at the end in a televisual way when it’s not a television script.

    Still lots of fun with Patsy and Eddy.

  • lrnpwr


  • emaalieec

    I’ve never heard of or seen the series so honestly I don't know whats going on but not a fan of the humour at all. Probably have to watch the series to enjoy this but this hasn't made me want to watch the series at all.

  • Mos Co


    Abysmal stuff.

  • Meg !!


    why is kurt hummel here

  • Lizzie Lambert


    camp. Kate Moss dies for a min, I would react the same. wellies full of flowers yknow

  • alice


    now THIS is cinema

  • Chelize


    I love these middle aged women and their silly little comedy show 😘

  • mil

    me putting this on w my mum in the room: ohhhh look jamie laing 🙂  …  WAS THAT GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE???

    also someone get joanna lumley back into a suit immediately because i can’t be the only one who felt a little sexually confused when patsy dragged up

  • Liam Pink

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    the definition of something being less than the sum of its parts

    it's a shame cause Lumley and Swalha can deliver anything given to them as these characters and Horrocks is constantly a delight but other than that...

    gets the half star bump to 1 star for making me tear up at saf singing at seventeen that was a poignant moment that belonged in the OG show in the 90s

  • SNARKe


    It is what it is. Some bits were really funny. Usually Patsy. It was poignant at one or two moments and almost hit the heights of the series. But didn't. That's OK.