After-Work Beer After-Work Beer

Magnus once had a girlfriend and a kid. But his girlfriend now has somebody new. And so now Magnus has his classic car, and a bar. Everything about Magnus’ manner makes him a hipster – par excellence. He has a couple of close friends, all cut from the same cloth. But then one night his car is stolen and Magnus falls into a kind of cultivated despair.

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Kinostarts Deutschland

Filme, die einen Starttermin für Deutschland innerhalb des nächsten Jahres haben. Filmfestivals und Wiederaufführungen ausgeschlossen. Kommentare: Starttermin | Deutscher Titel

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BERLINALE 2018 - Line Up

001: OPENING 002-019: COMPETITION 020-024: OUT OF COMPETITION 025-037: SPECIAL GALA 038-084: PANORAMA 085-100: GENERATION 14PLUS 101-114: GENERATION KPLUS 115-128:…