Ala Eh con Bisoy, Hale Hale Hoy! Ala Eh con Bisoy, Hale Hale Hoy!

Bill and Clinton, are garbage collectors who struggle to finance their daily needs from their job; yet Clinton’s soft heart could not help but adopt more homeless children. Bill, who is totally against of his brother extreme charitableness always ends up accepting the children in their congested tiny home. Now Clinton finds another homeless child named Ana. As expected Bill disproves of having additional mouths to feed as they barely make ends meet. But the adorable Ana charms them both by her wit thus she ends up living with her new family. But Bill and Clinton get to discover that Ana is not just another ordinary orphan kid when a group of harmful goons start to go after them. They get to learn that Ana manages to sneak away from her abductors one of which is her stepfather Jack and the latter’s real lover Rose.

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