• nadine 👻

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    “I think you will find that, uh, things have changed a great deal since your time.”

    Spooktober watch #28:
    jesus fucking christ I knew this wasn’t gonna be good but that it turned out so horrible fml I was NOT prepared. I put off watching Alien: Resurrection for the longest time until this afternoon when I thought meh I think I’m ready for this HAHAHAHA FORGET IT. 

    first of all, this is completeyly desolate of any logic and any sense…


  • Teddy Reginald

    “She is severely fuckable, ain't she?” – Elgyn

    I’ve never been a big fan of Joss Whedon and always thought his stories have decent sized flaws but this movie shows just how a writer can be. Just look at the line above, and it’s arguably not even the worst in the script. 

    This movie started off with huge logistical problems (how does cloning Ripley get you a damn Xenomorph) but I gave it a chance, and then the basketball scene…


  • Kevin Colestock

    Did Sigourney Weaver need a job? Did she call in a favor of a few "friends" that were looking to get into a flick that has a following? I can't understand why else they would make this movie. Also not sure why I watched it after seeing Alien 3 but I guess I just hate using time responsibly and like the feeling of completing something...I can see why Alien fans watch it but overall it's a B-grade money grab.


  • Robert Edwards


    It’s a guilty pleasure okay.


  • liam_mackay


    Just fucking stop


  • RandallFlagg


    Qui hanno scazzato di brutto. In piena era tarantiniana, il soggetto
    viene affidato ad un regista francese che la butta sul grottesco e sbaglia completamente il tono del film. Peccato perché gli xenomorfi sono graficamente i più fighi del lotto (pari a quelli di Aliens, via) e qualche trovata che rimane impressa c'è, tipo i cloni di Ripley.
    Whedon, ti perdono perché poi hai diretto gli Avengers.


  • dacadac

    you know what, i liked this better than fincher's


  • Tonto




  • Tucker Warner


    they really just gave up on trying to make these movies scary, huh


  • Janina Himmen


    6. Film unseres Alien / Predator Marathons.
    8. Film vom #HORRORCTOBER 2017.
    Meine #inktober Zeichnung dazu...

    ALIEN: RESURRECTION ist der unbeliebteste Teil der Reihe, und ich kann nachvollziehen weshalb. Vieles wirkt übertrieben, teilweise sogar unfreiwillig komisch, Ripleys Charakter hat sich stark verändert und der Film hat einige wirklich merkwürdige Szenen zu bieten, die fast schon surreal wirken.

    Aber ich muss jetzt mal eine Lanze für ihn brechen... mir macht er Spaß. Während ich die meisten ALIEN Filme…


  • Jefferson October

    Joss Whedon I hate you & your pregnancy fetish


  • rambessy


    I mean, what was with that alien skull thing?! And that nose!