All About Eve

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It's all about women... and their men!

From the moment she glimpses her idol at the stage door, Eve Harrington is determined to take the reins of power away from the great actress Margo Channing. Eve maneuvers her way into Margo's Broadway role, becomes a sensation and even causes turmoil in the lives of Margo's director boyfriend, her playwright and his wife. Only the cynical drama critic sees through Eve, admiring her audacity and perfect pattern of deceit.




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Ola gia tin Eva, 关于伊芙的一切, 四面夏娃, Lábuk elött hever a világ, Beszéljünk Éváról!, Allt om Eva, Eva, A Malvada, 이브의 모든 것, 이브의 모든것, 彗星美人

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