Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold

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Richard Chamberlain returns in the sequel to 'King Solomon's Mines'

After his brother Robeson disappears without a trace while exploring Africa in search of a legendary 'white tribe', Allan Quatermain decides to follow in his footsteps to learn what became of him. Soon after arriving, he discovers the Lost City of Gold, controlled by the evil lord Agon, and mined by his legions of white slaves.





Alternative Titles

Allan Quatermain et la cite de l'or perdue, 迷城寶藏, Куотърмейн в търсене на изгубения град, Allan Quatermain en la ciudad perdida del oro, Allan Quatermain y la ciudad perdida del oro, Allan Quatermain e a Cidade do Ouro Perdido, Allan Quatermain i Zlatni grad