American Wedding American Wedding

Forever hold your piece.

With high school a distant memory, Jim and Michelle are getting married -- and in a hurry, since Jim's grandmother is sick and wants to see him walk down the aisle -- prompting Stifler to throw the ultimate bachelor party. And Jim's dad is reliable as ever, doling out advice no one wants to hear.





Alternative Titles

American Pie: La boda, American Pie - The Wedding, Американски пай 3: Сватбата, 美国派3, 美国派之“昏”礼, Prci, prci, prcičky 3, American Pie 3 - Jetzt wird geheiratet, Kuum pirukas 3: Pulmad, American Pie 3 Menuda boda, American Pie 3 : Marions-les !, American Pie: The Wedding, American Pie 3 - Ο Γάμος, American Pie 3: Ο Γάμος, Američka pita 3: Vjenčanje, 아메리칸 파이 3, American Pie 3: Bryllupet, Američka pita 3 - Venčanje, Ameriska pita 3, Prci, prci, prcičky 3: Svadba, American Pie 3 La Boda, Amerikan pastasi - Dügün, American Pie 03 American Wedding, American Pie 3, American Pie 3 - American Wedding, American Pie 3 - The Wedding, American Pie 3 American Wedding - UR

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