Antitrust Antitrust

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Truth can be dangerous...Trust can be deadly.

A computer programmer's dream job at a hot Portland-based firm turns nightmarish when he discovers his boss has a secret and ruthless means of dispatching anti-trust problems.




Alternative Titles

Startup - Traue nur dir selbst, Hackers 3 - Antitrust, Amenaza virtual, Startup, Hackers 3: Antitrust, S.Y.N.A.P.S.E - Pericolo In Rete, Antitrust - Cracking the Code, Conspiración en la red, Hackers-3 Startup, 안티트러스트, Hackers 3 - Synapse Pericolo In Rete, Anti Trust,, Conspiración en la red (Antitrust), 反垄断

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