Apostles of Cinema

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Apostles of Cinema follows Frank, DJ Black, and Rehema — three devoted film workers in Tanzania — as they reintroduce a classic piece of the country’s film history to their audiences of working class cinephiles. We join them, alongside Maangamizi: The Ancient One (2001), on a journey through the labyrinth of informal libraries, studios, and cinemas that exist to keep film and film culture alive. A testament to the profound cultural value of film when made truly accessible.





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영화의 사도들


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31 Dec 2022
  • Flag for the United Republic of Tanzania United Republic of Tanzania
17 Sep 2023
  • Flag for South Korea South KoreaAll DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

Theatrical limited

06 Aug 2023
  • Flag for Australia Australia

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06 Aug 2023
  • Theatrical limited Melbourne International Film Festival
17 Sep 2023
  • PremiereAll DMZ International Documentary Film Festival
31 Dec 2022
  • Premiere