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Ever wonder how 2 Billion presents get delivered all in 1 night?

Each Christmas, Santa and his vast army of highly trained elves produce gifts and distribute them around the world in one night. However, when one of 600 million children to receive a gift from Santa on Christmas Eve is missed, it is deemed ‘acceptable’ to all but one – Arthur. Arthur Claus is Santa’s misfit son who executes an unauthorized rookie mission to get the last present half way around the globe before dawn on Christmas morning.




Alternative Titles

Operación regalo, Operação Presente, Mission Noel, Artur päästab jõulud, Santa Claus al rescate, Artturi Joulu - Joulupukin poika, Mission noel, 亚瑟少爷救圣诞, Karácsony Artúr, アーサー・クリスマスの大冒険, Arthurs julegaverace, Секретная служба Санта-Клауса, 圣诞快递

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