Assassination of a High School President Assassination of a High School President

Politics, popularity, paranoia, pharmaceuticals. Are you in?

After the theft of copies of SAT exams from a principal's office, teenage reporter Bobby Funke sets out to unmask the thief. Bobby prints an article fingering Class President Paul Moore as the thief, shredding the youth's reputation. But as Bobby gets to know Paul's girlfriend, Francesca, he comes to realize he was wrong about Paul, so he sets out to unmask the true culprit.





Alternative Titles

Убийство школьного президента, Assassinat d'un Président, 高中校长暗杀事件, Merénylet a suligóré ellen, The Assassination, Atentát na střední, Provas e Trapaças, Szkola zgorszenia, The Sophomore, The High School Conspiracy, Asesinato De Un Presidente De La Escuela Secundaria, La conspiración (El asesino), El asesino, Lange Beine, kurze Lügen (und ein Fünkchen Wahrheit...)

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