Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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The world's most highly qualified crew of archaeologists and explorers is led by historian Milo Thatch as they board the incredible 1,000-foot submarine Ulysses and head deep into the mysteries of the sea. The underwater expedition takes an unexpected turn when the team's mission must switch from exploring Atlantis to protecting it.




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Atlantis 1 - L' Impero Perduto, Atlantida: Izgubenata imperiya, I Hameni Atlantida, Atlantida: Zateryannyy mir, Atlantida: Izgubljeno carstvo, Atlantyda. Zahublena imperiya, Atlântida - O Reino Perdido, แอตแลนติส ผจญภัยอารยนครสุดขอบโลก, Atlantis - Das Geheimnis der verlorenen Stadt