Austin Powers in Goldmember

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He's still evil... He's still deadly... and he's still surrounded by frickin' idiots!

The world's most shagadelic spy continues his fight against Dr. Evil. This time, the diabolical doctor and his clone, Mini-Me, team up with a new foe -- '70s kingpin Goldmember. While pursuing the team of villains to stop them from world domination, Austin gets help from his dad and an old girlfriend.

Mike Myers Beyoncé Seth Green Michael York Mindy Sterling Verne Troyer Michael Caine Fred Savage Diane Mizota Carrie Ann Inaba Nobu Matsuhisa Robert Wagner Anna Marie Goddard Aaron Himelstein Josh Zuckerman Evan Farmer Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr. Nichole Hiltz Gwyneth Paltrow Angela Meryl Scott Aukerman John Travolta Danny DeVito Kevin Spacey Tom Cruise Nathan Lane Neil Mullarkey Eric Winzenried Jim Piddock Show All…





Alternative Titles

Austin Powers contre l'homme au membre d'or, Avanak ajan - Altın kuş, Austin Powers 3 Miembro de Oro, Austin Powers - Goldmember, Austin Powers: Goldmember, Austin Powers 3 - Goldmember, Austin Powers 3, Ostin Pauŭrs v Zlatniya chlen, 오스틴 파워 3, Ostin Pavers: Zolotyy orhan, Ostin Pauers 3, Ostin Pauers: Goldmyembyer, Austin Powers: To Chrysó Ergaleío, Austin Powers 3: Miembro De Oro, Austin Powers: O Homem do Membro de Ouro