Barbie in Princess Power Barbie in Princess Power

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Take flight with a new kind of princess!

Barbie is Kara - a modern-day princess with a normal life. Kissed by a butterfly which gives her superpowers and allows her to become a Super Sparkle, she is ready to save the kingdom from evil - were it not for her jealous cousin who is also kissed by the butterfly and becomes her rival and nemesis. Watch as Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle learn that together they can become a great team for good once they learn the power of friendship.





Alternative Titles

Barbie en super princesse, Barbie: Odvážná princezna, Barbie in: Die Super-Prinzessin, Barbie i Superprinsessen, Barbie: Η Σούπερ Πριγκίπισσα, Barbie: Szuperhős hercegnő, 바비의 프린세스 파워, 29. Супер Принцесса, Barbie i Superprinsessan

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