Beat the Devil Beat the Devil

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They’re Out To Beat the Devil At His Own Game!

The script, which was written on a day-to-day basis as the film was being shot, concerns the adventures of a motley crew of swindlers and ne'er-do-wells trying to lay claim to land rich in uranium deposits in Kenya as they wait in a small Italian port to travel aboard an ill-fated tramp steamer en route to Mombasa.




Alternative Titles

Schach dem Teufel, Dood aan de duivel, Afrikan aarre, La burla del diablo, Fuld af løgn, O Diabo Riu por Último, Plus fort que le diable, Pio dynatos ap' to diavolo, Ördögi kör, Pobij diabla, Bate diavolul, Посрами дьявола, 비트 더 데블

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