Before the Rain

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Once You Know The Faces You Will Begin To Understand The Story

The circularity of violence seen in a story that circles on itself. In Macedonia, during war in Bosnia, Christians hunt an ethnic Albanian girl who may have murdered one of their own. A young monk who's taken a vow of silence offers her protection. In London, a photographic editor who's pregnant needs to talk it out with her estranged husband and chooses a toney restaurant.



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山雨欲来, Prije kiše, Antes de la lluvia, Prin apo ti vrohi, Pred dozhdot, Antes da Chuva, Før regnen, Enne vihma, Ennen sadetta, Vor dem Regen, Πριν από τη βροχή, Eső előtt, Pish az Baran, Prima della pioggia, ビフォア・ザ・レイン, Prieš lietu, Før regnet faller, Zanim spadnie deszcz, Перед дождем, Pred dežjem, Innan regnet faller, 暴雨將至, Yağmurdan önce