Beverly Hills Cop II Beverly Hills Cop II

Axel heads for the land of sunshine and palm trees to find out who shot police Captain Andrew Bogomil. Thanks to a couple of old friends, Axel's investigation uncovers a series of robberies masterminded by a heartless weapons kingpin—and the chase is on.





Alternative Titles

Beverly Hills Cop 2, Un detective suelto en Hollywood 2, Frækkere end politiet tillader II, Superdetective en Hollywood II, Le Flic de Beverly Hills 2, השוטר מבברלי הילס II, Un Piedipiatti a Beverly Hills II, Un detective suelto en Hollywood II, Beverly Hills Purk 2, Gliniarz z Beverly Hills II, Snuten i Hollywood 2, Un Detective Suelto en Hollywood 2, Beverly Hills Cop 02 Beverly Hills Cop Ii

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