Bigflo & Oli: Hip Hop Frenzy

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Go backstage with French rap duo Bigflo & Oli in this intimate music documentary, then join the superstar siblings as they embark on a major tour.




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Bigflo a Oli: Hiphopové šílenství, Bigflo & Oli: Frenesí de hiphop, Bigflo & Oli: Frenesí de hip hop, Bigflo & Oli: Egy hiphop jelenség, Bigflo & Oli: due star all'improvviso, 빅플로 앤 올리: 힙합에 미치다, Bigflo & Oli:嘻哈狂潮

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08 Oct 2020
  • Flag for France FranceU

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08 Oct 2020
  • DigitalU Netflix