Body Switch Body Switch

A dying elderly scientist proposes love-sick Jonas a cure that will improve the youngster's physical skills and general sex-appeal. What the scientist really aims to accomplish is a body switch: he wants to survive in a young man's body and gladly leaves Jonas to wake up in his own wasted frame. Jonas must somehow signal his predicament to his friends. Both men rev up for a survival-of-the-fittest chase.

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Future Sci-Fi, Dystopias, Computers, Robots, Techsploitation. Movies about contraptions gone wrong, drones, clones and futuristic automobiles, fascists dictatorships of the…

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cinematic botox - or how I learned to stop ageing and love the young


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Films in which people try to kill/buy/transplant/transfer themselves out of ageing. The Sorcerers - where 2 older people experience sensations…