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  • ...And Then I Helped
  • 36 Steps
  • A Narrow Escape
  • A Perfect Child of Satan
  • A Tribute To Sanity

Gore and more - to be watched

Films that are considered to be gory that I need to watch

  • The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
  • A Nightmare
  • The Merry Frolics of Satan
  • Le Papillon Fantastique
  • Frankenstein

Jason Loves Being Scared

Jason Shah

Jason Shah 1,029 films

My ultimate list of horror movies I've enjoyed. I will keep updating as I see more of them.

  • Bug
  • Shutter
  • Dead Silence
  • .com for Murder
  • 4bia

2000's horror

UPDATE! I guess that the number 3300 is the maximum for a letterboxd list. Whenever I add some new movie…

  • White Zombie
  • Ouanga
  • Revolt of the Zombies
  • The Ghost Breakers
  • King of the Zombies

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth


Jamie 430 films

I love zombie movies, but I've seen an abysmally small amount of them, so I've created this list with the…

  • Alien Abduction
  • Alien Abduction
  • Alone
  • Alone
  • Alone in the Dark

Different horror movies with the same title

List of different, unrelated horror movies with the same (or very similar) title. Feel free to add suggestions!

  • Kon-Tiki
  • Outrage Beyond
  • Nymphomaniac: Vol. I
  • Dracula Untold
  • Predestination



Cranki 289 films

  • The Fall of the House of Usher
  • The Haunted Castle
  • Frankenstein
  • King Kong
  • Bride of Frankenstein
  • 3:10 to Yuma
  • Warm Bodies
  • Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines
  • The Pact
  • American Reunion

DVDs I Own


Doug 489 films

  • The Last Horror Film
  • I Am Virgin
  • Pathology
  • Triangle
  • Night of the Comet

Because I Can Never Bloody Find Them - List of films I own


travisg 2,048 films

1st Shelf:The Last Horror Film - A Horrible Way To Die 2nd Shelf: Ruby - Steamboat Bill, Jr. 3rd Shelf:…

  • Found
  • Headless
  • Lord of Tears
  • Adam Chaplin
  • Taeter City
  • 16 Blocks
  • 2 Days in the Valley
  • 28 Days Later
  • A Christmas Story
  • A Deadly Encounter

Movies Where Someone Gets a Flat Tire


russman 341 films

In honor of my front right tire that died. RIP.

Feel free to comment with any movies that qualify. I'm…

  • 11-11-11
  • A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!
  • A Haunted House 2
  • After Earth
  • Alien 3000

Just Don't

Angus Milne

Angus Milne 92 films

A list of films I have suffered through in the past that I would recommend never watching.

Or in other…