Castaway on the Moon

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Once in a life time, There comes a moment that you live in HOPE.

Mr. Kim is jobless, lost in debt and has been dumped by his girlfriend. He decides to end it all by jumping into the Han River - only to find himself washed up on a small, mid-river island. He soon abandons thoughts of suicide or rescue and begins a new life as a castaway. His antics catch the attention of a young woman whose apartment overlooks the river. Her discovery changes both their lives.






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Kimssi pyoryugi, Náufrago en la luna, 彼とわたしの漂流日記, Verschollen in der City, 金氏漂流记, Castaway on the moon, Робинзон на Луне, Des nouilles aux haricots noirs, Számkivetett a Holdon, 김씨 표류기, Ναυαγός στο φεγγάρι, Kim'in Adası, Náufrago da Lua, 荒島男與俏宅女, Kimssi Pyoryugi, 荒島‧愛, Lạc giữa cuộc đời, რობინსონი მთვარეზე, Kimči drifteři

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14 May 2009
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05 Feb 2010
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19 Jun 2010
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19 Jun 2010
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14 May 2009
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05 Feb 2010
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