• Alden Dumas


  • jaygambit


    Chinatown is a film so iconic that upon my first viewing I felt like I’d seen it before. Iconic scenes from the film had been referenced in everything from modern cinema to episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures. Itself a homage to the classics of the noir genre, the movie stays faithful to that kind of slow burn storytelling that ends in white hot realism. 

    For me, while Nicholson’s performance is legendary and it’s certainly full of memorable shots - the film…

  • SK

    - Are you alone?
    - Isn't everyone?

    To be honest, I felt this movie is unusually long.

    What I loved about this movie is, all the vintage cars, vintage ways of how the detectives find out how long a car was in someplace, how to follow a specific car in such a way you don't loose it in traffic etc.

    The farmland scene was my favourite part of the movie. I wonder how they shot it. Also, Jake's nose bandage reminded me of Birdman.

  • Blaze the Action Junkie

    A young Jack Nicholson is greatly entertaining as a sharp, scuffling private eye. The old vehicles are great and make this one a convincing period piece. Honestly I was a tad bit bored through much of it, but it did have one hell of an explosive ending. It's incredibly well-made for its time, and still a solid crime mystery flick.

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  • Kush


    A Masterwork of writing and direction. Jack Nicholson is brilliant, supported by great performances from Faye Dunaway and John Huston. The last 15 minutes are among the most iconic in cinematic history.

  • broskievan


    i already feel like i need to rewatch this

  • pjano


    joker “we live in a society” voice: it’s chinatown

  • ‮ابو حنش‬


    الحي الصيني 1974 لايوجد حرق
    فلم من بطوله الظاهره السينمائيه جاك نيكلسون واخراج العريق رومان ....احد افضل افلام السبعينات وبشكل عام احد اعظم الافلام الي شفتها وبلا ادنى شك اعظم فلم غموض جاك نيكلسون قدم ادء مختلف عن بقيه ادائاته ولو بشكل ضئيل دائما ادائاته تكون مليئه بالجنون الدرامي الا في هذا الفلم قدم اداء درامي عظيم...لم اشعر ولا بذره ملل طوال الساعتين والعشر دقائق بالفلم والفلم سحرني موسيقياً وتصويراً وعيشني بداخل حقبه الثلاثينات بشكل عظيم وانا من الاشخاص الي…

  • Ryan Antoch


    “... as little as possible”.

    Man, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Movies, that is.

  • Adrian_Duenas


    A film noir in color. It continues many of the noir elements that we recognize while adapting them to the filmmaking sensibilities of the 1970s. The mystery is more complex, the violence is more brutal, the secrets and reveals are more shocking.

    Robert Towne’s script is easily the best script ever written. The world is well-realized. The characters are multi-layered. The flow of the story never loses my interest at any point. Roman Polanski’s direction is very precise this time…

  • Reganne

    a movie directed by a child rapist where the child rapist wins

  • Hawkshaun

    I dont really like Detective Movies, Jack Nikolson is ok I wouldn't say his best but defedently not his worst and Faye Dunnaway is good