Chota Bheem Aur Ganesh in the Amazing Odyssey

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Raja Laalachmaan and his sidekick, Jadoogar Jobba, awaken an ancient monster Krur. This monster, needs the souls of the purest kingdom. Raja Laalachmaan realizes the best place to find the purest souls is Dholakpur. Raja Laalachmaan and his soldiers take over Dholakpur. Bheem manages to rescue many people, but Laachlamaan kidnaps Raja Indraverma-ll and Princess Indumati says that if the people of Dholakpur do not surrender themssssselves, they will die. So, Bheem and his friends go on the trail. They are helped by ancient clues left in the forest and at sea. But the one person that helps them the most is Chhota Ganesh.He says he is always present on New years, but Kru's invasion of Dholakpur has already started. Can Bheem and Ganesh defeat him??